The Voice


Welcome to 2019, and whether we like it or not, time marches on! However, I thought it would be nice to put a finishing touch on 2018. I read A LOT of "Christmas-ish" writing, but there were two poems that I savored, and I want to share them with you ...

The first was written by Jan Humphries, "Christmas Memories":

On a starry night long ago

Was born to the world a Savior -

The Beloved Child of God -

On whom God showed His favor.

A new tradition was also born -

To celebrate this Blessed Christ Child,

By sharing the story with everyone

Of the love that made God smile.

Roger's Remarks Continued


A few years ago I was involved in a Bible Study group that focused on the book of Galatians. It was a study that stretched me and created in me a continuing desire to study and learn the Word of God. I found a quote from that study to be quite memorable, "We are spiritual when we are out of control and the Holy Spirit is in control."

Elders' Corner Continued


It's already the beginning of a new year. 

How will you spend it?

Will you read your Bible more?

 Will you pray more often?

Will you show more forgiveness?

Will you show more kindness?

Will you have more faith?

Will you spread your Faith with others?