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I was reading recently about an interesting perspective of “sight”.  Perhaps you have heard me say, “Life is often a matter of perspective.”  (it is the corollary to “Most of life is knowing the secrets!”…)

          In the medieval period, two Christian philosophers offered names for three different ways of seeing, and these names have had a great influence on scholars and seekers in the Western tradition. Hugh of St. Victor (1096–1141) [1] and Richard of St. Victor [2] (died 1173) wrote that humanity was given three different sets of eyes, each building on the previous one. The first eye was the eye of the flesh (thought ;or sight), the second was the eye of reason (meditation or reflection), and the third was the intuitive eye of true understanding (contemplation). 

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"God's Love Can Get You Through Any Day"


We've all had days that seem like everything goes wrong. It seems like the world is out to get you. But on days like this we must remember that no matter what happens the steadfast love of God will endure. If we run out of patience and strength, God's love never runs out. Even when "David" was fleeing for his life he declares "The steadfast love of

God endures all the day" Psalms 52:8.


We all need a little  time out at times. We believe that everything should be given to us on a silver platter. We don't think at times that what we want in our daily life needs to be earned, and not just handed to us.

We put our trust in God.  We depend on him daily through prayers. He hears us and yet we wait. We wait and sometimes wonder if we get our answers.

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