The Voice


I was thinking about something pertinent to share this month, and I looked at some old sermons to see what I was thinking in past years (during this time of the year).  Here is an excerpt from a sermon from October of 2013 (still pertinent in 2020):

Do you get frustrated as I do by politicians who are always turning in the wind? One day they say one thing when they are speaking to this group, and something quite different when speaking to that one. They change their positions constantly in response to: polls or special interest groups or the political party stance.


That was Saul’s problem, too.  Saul had God and Samuel telling him to do one thing. Saul had his soldiers and his people telling him to do something else. Saul needed a heart reminding him to listen to God.

Roger's Remarks Continued


The Best Part of Waking Up…

How many of us remember the jingle “The best part of waking up is Folger’s in your cup”? I would say there are quite a few of us who do. Now I personally can’t stand Folger’s, but I can’t argue that coffee certainly helps the fact that I have to wake up and go to work. No, after how good my coffee is, I wouldn’t say it’s the best part of waking up.


Ministry Associate Continued



The year 2020 is still going and apparently it is not finished with us yet. To add to the list of things that came our way this year, we can now add Zombie storms. It seems this year has brought a lot of fear and concerns.

But  there is one thing that this year can't do is take away our Hope. I heard a line in a movie that said fear is strong in us but hope is even stronger.

All the things that have happened this year make people question where God is in all this. God is always with us to guide us and comfort us and give us hope for a better tomorrow.

Elders' Corner Continued


It's been a crazy yet sad 2020 for all of us. We have had to change our ways of communication with each other. We have missed out on so many good times. Birthdays, Graduations, Weddings, and even funerals.  We have missed out on being greeted with smiles and laughter. Everyone is looking forward to this year being over and praying next year is better.                                                                                                                                We have seen disasters, and we have seen hatred and evil. We may have even slipped and said something negative ourselves. I decided to go back and look at one of my Voice's I wrote. and thought what kind of answer we would give this time.                                      

Worship Committee continued