The Voice


As Lent has begun, the song in my mind today is Willie Nelson’s classic, “On the Road Again.”  Like other years, we are once more on the spiritual journey to Jerusalem and the Crucifixion…   and eventually, Easter Resurrection!  During the weeks leading up to Easter, we often view the time as a journey.  This perspective reminds us that most of life is lived “on the way” to our destinations.  While “destinations” help keep us focused on goals, I believe they primarily serve to inspire us while we are “on the way.”

Along the way, we encounter terms, symbols, and traditions from times and cultures which may be foreign to us.  Here are a few:

Roger's Remarks Continued


 The Good, The Bad, and the Holy

In my 28 and a half years I’ve learned that life is rarely the same thing day after day. There are good days. There are bad days. There are days that it seems impossible to contain my joy and excitement. And days where it seems impossible to keep moving one foot in front of the other.


Ministry Associate Continued


As Christians, we call ourselves “born again”. It is a spiritual re-birth as we profess our belief in Christ. Salvation, forgiveness of sin and life everlasting come to us as a free gift of God the Father.


Some of us become Christians late in life. There may be much in the way of forgiveness that comes to us immediately. Others are believers from very early on in life. That is the case with me. What that means is that the greatest number of my sins came as a Christian – not as an unbeliever.

Elders' Corner Continued


Have you ever taken the time to answer your own questions? What is Love? What does God look like?

Where does God live?  As we all do, we think for a moment. We want to give them the answers, but in a way they will understand. Our first word, "Well", and then the words start pouring out. Love is in our hearts. It is all around us. Look at the trees, the animals, people. God created all these. A Love for all Mankind.  An unconditional love that is expressed toward objects and having no conditions on loved ones. His Love is the sun rising in the morning and setting in the evening.

Worship Committee continued