The Voice


         If you are reading this, you are likely celebrating the Resurrection in your spirit.  There is nothing that compares with the Easter message of Jesus overcoming death (and all that comes with death).  However, that event was just the beginning of a new era of “abundant life” for Jesus’ followers.  The disciples now had to think about “what comes next”.  What does the Resurrection mean for my life and the life of the emerging Way that Jesus initiated?

    In some respects, we ask similar questions in our day, personally and within our congregation.  I believe it is time for us to consider again, “what comes next”.  Some years ago, we went through a strategic planning process called Mission Pathways. 

Roger's Remarks Continued


Then Came The Morning


There are many pictures of the beautiful sunsets in Florida. Did you know that the sunrise is also beautiful but there are fewer pictures of it. As the sun rises it brings a new day. A lot of new opportunities.

First you can put your best attitude forward. Maybe take of something left undone that still needs to be done. Maybe a new project to start. A time to look at  the world in a different way.   God gives you something to   look forward to and maybe it  will impact your life and  someone else positively.