The Voice


When the choir sang their closing song last Sunday, the words connected with me when the chorus encouraged us to “love God and love each other.”  In essence, Jesus wanted us to have some simple instructions to live out our faith.  Later on in the week, I remembered one of my “blogs” from a couple years ago, and it also stresses the simplicity of our faith… from a dog’s perspective.

A couple weekends ago, I did some landscape work in our back yard, which is also the romping area for our pet dog, Cora (a black Labrador “mix”).  She is about eleven months old, so there is still a lot of “puppy” in her personality, and she was really interested in the changes I was making to her “world.” 

Roger's Remarks Continued


And Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man." Luke 2:52 (NIV)

I love watching the natural world come to life each year.

Sometimes it seems like everything turns green overnight. But when I see a rose bush burst with red blooms or an apple tree heavy with fruit, I remember growth in nature takes time and requires ongoing nourishment: water, sun and nutrients from the soil.

Elders' Corner Continued


We all have those days when we feel the walls are closing on us.   We feel like we can't handle the days ahead of us. We feel we can't go on. It can be the simplest things but yet so terrifying to some of us. We tell ourselves we can't do it anymore.

Some of us have been there.  I know I have. I keep moving on, and I am still moving on. Only because that one voice said to me: "Let God".  Yes, God is there for us everywhere.  All we have to do is look around and we see Him in the world around us: the sky, the waters, trees, animals, people. Through sounds and through silence.