The Voice


I recently saw an illustration about “life perspective”, and it helped me focus on Jesus’ compassion for us:
            A man fell into a pit and couldn't get himself out...
~ A subjective person came along and said, "I feel for you down there."
~ An objective person walked by and said, "It's logical that someone would fall down there."
~ A Pharisee said, "Only bad people fall into pits."

~ A mathematician calculated how deep the pit was.
~ A news reporter wanted the exclusive story on the pit.
~ An IRS agent asked if he was paying taxes on the pit.
~ A fire-and-brimstone preacher said, "You deserve your pit."

~ A self-pitying person said, "You haven't seen anything until you've seen my pit."

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The Changing of License Plates

It is the time of year when traffic has picked up and the time it takes to get anywhere has now increased. The license plates have changed from green states of Florida with oranges to every color, state, and design imaginable. It’s the time of  year where I get frustrated and annoyed every time I turn on my car. I constantly have to remind myself that every tourist  is a good thing. The people that locals share the road with, share our beautiful beaches with, are the people that keep so many of employed. They’re the people that allow us to stay income tax free.


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God of Love

“See what kind of love the Father has given to us, that we should be called children of God; and so we are” (1 John 3:1, NIV).

How often do we call on God? Is it just when we are in a time of trouble? Or when we shout “Praise God” when something good or miraculous happens? Though we may come to experience God in our own way and we may speak about God often, how much time do we focus on God’s love?  Sometimes distance can creep back into our relationship with God if we’re not careful.

Don’t we want to hear his love, to feel his love, to be sheltered by his love, and to be adored?


Every day someone is going through hard times. It's like a huge strom that never ends. These storms could be wading through rejection, hurt, or pain or even the loss of a loved one. We ask "why?"  Why do we go through pain? Why do we struggle with failure?  Why can't we make ends meet?  Why do we even have to ask why?

If we really stop and think, maybe this is a way God reminds us that this is His part of our journey. This is what makes us stronger and builds our faith. We are told that through the troubles we face, "Keep rejoicing."

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