The ultimate answer to that question is no! We know God never leaves us and we should never leave Him.

Does it take a building with a roof, walls, and a door to walk through for God to be with us and us with Him? He surrounds His love for us everywhere we go. Through these troubling times, He has not left us.

We can still have church. We can sit in our chair at home to read God’s word from our Bible. We can sit in a quiet corner to talk to God and feel His presence around us. We can come to the table, even if it is your dining room table. We can pour grape juice in a small cup. We can eat a fish cracker for the bread. We can light a candle. We can say a prayer. We can partake in remembering Him.

We are not alone in this situation. We may not see each other for a while. We may surrounded by our four walls and feel as if they are closing in on us, but we are not alone. If we keep God in our lives, He will never let us be alone.

I pray that everyone is well. I look forward to the day when we all are together and can rejoice in God’s house again. Remember, it does not have to be the “new normal”. I like having the “old normal” too. One thing that has never changed, and that is God!