As we pray for healing, asking for answers. God answers us in his own way. A stranger who smiles at us.

Someone we know who sees we just need  a hug.

And at a moment of talking with God, a bird sits at the window sill chirping to get your attention.

Our connection with God is a direct line through prayer.

God will answer prayers in His own way. Many times He will leave it to us to find the answer. That is how He helps us to find our way. No matter God is always there, and He never leaves us.

We have all been through hard times, that's a good times outweigh the hard times. Why? We Believe in the power of prayer.

Most of all we have faith. Without faith, we wouldn't have all that God has given us. The love that God has for us.

Most of all the love we have for Him for never leaving us alone.

Always have faith because with faith you are the richest of all.