We do get them in the time God feels that we need them.  Yet, even in life, we get caught up and even a bit anxious and upset.

Then, the child comes out of us and we get mad.

We start asking God Why?. I was brought up to never question God. It does happen.

Then, we have a pause, No answer. I look at it as a Time-Out. He is telling me he hears me. Give it time and All will work out. 

When my oldest grandson was 3 he told his Mommy he knew why Jonah went inside the whale. He told Her that because he was wrong, God put him inside the whale for time out. Amazing how a 3 year old boy can

know right from wrong. Also knowing you should not  go against God's  Word. We should not  hurry God, because He answers when the time is right.

When you think you are angry and want to blame God.

Put yourself in  Time-Out and Thank God for All around you.