It brought back good memories so I forwarded it on. This led to about a 2 sentence conversation. I realized that absence can  make the heart grow fonder if you’re willing to work at the relationship. Our friendship,  at one point in time, seemed  like it could withstand any storm and climb any mountain, but that wasn’t the case. It got to the point where neither of us put in  the effort to maintain our friendship. With technology, information and communication is instantaneous but it can’t act for you.


Just like personal relationships, our relationship with God has to be worked on. We can’t just accept God and that’s that. We have to work at it. There are so many ways we can grow our relationship with God. I believe that’s why there are so many parables. They’re more than just stories for the original disciples but they are an instruction manual  to grow closer to God.


During the weeks ahead leading up to Easter  I challenge you to do something (maybe read more parables or maybe go and volunteer or maybe just choose to make a conscious  effort to act more like Jesus) that will help your relationship with God to grow.


Happy Spring, Everyone!