It was great to see all of these reminders of special times. There were also pieces from fabrics that weren’t special that were just pretty. But the pieces that stuck out the most were the throw away pieces that worked for the pattern but my mom didn’t particularly like. The fabric as a whole wasn’t cute and wouldn’t work for a large project but because it was a small part of the whole it turned out beautiful.


When we focus on the tasks in a day and forget that this is just one day in a life time. One bad day is just a small piece of the patchwork of our lives. Each bad experience or memory is just as integral to the make up of ourselves as the joyous. They give us a chance to learn and grow and make ourselves better. All of our experiences are pieces of the our intelligent, beautiful, complicated selves. All of this is part of God’s design. He knew that we are worth more than just a two dimensional life. Next time we are handed a piece of ugly fabric remember that it’s just a small piece of what makes us human and combined with the special and the beautiful we are quilted together into a unique piece of art.