Today I’m asking you to think about what can you do for your neighbor. Anytime you look at the news or go online or even drive down the road, you see a country in turmoil. There are so many things this country is going through that would be tough on their own, but dealing with them all together is enough to bring anyone to their knees and ask God for help. We must do what we can to be the help in the world.


One of my absolute favorite hymns is “They Will Know We Are Christians by Our Love”. I try to live everyday embodying that sentiment. I know there are days and weeks where I don’t succeed, but then someone else acts in love toward their neighbors and I’m reminded to be better, to be more Christ-like. I want the people I know to see Christ’s love shine through how I choose to act.


So how can you help your neighbor? Some people are able to donate money to the nonprofits they see doing good in the world. Some people are able to donate their time and physically help out their neighbor. Not everyone has that ability. So I ask today and every day to look inside yourself and find out how best you can help your neighbor, to show your neighbor Christ’s love through you. I also ask that if someone is trying to tell you something that you stop and listen. I ask that you try to put aside your own opinions and your own biases and truly hear what someone else is saying. Listening and learning from the experience of others is how we become empathetic and grow. Listening and learning is one way we can show love to our fellow humans.


Again I ask you, how can you show your neighbor love?